Sunday, 28 May 2017

Rodney Parade - Newport County

Newport County - Rodney Parade

Newport County Football Club
Rodney Parade
NP19 0UU

Last match I went to see: Newport County 0-1 Barnet, Saturday 3rd September 2016, League Two. (Abandoned after 45 minutes)


VISIT 1: Newport County 0-1 Barnet 3/9/16 (Abandoned after 45 mins)


Newport County 0-1 Barnet (Abandoned at Half Time)
Saturday 3rd September 2016
League Two

My first visit to Rodney Parade came about when back in July I think it was, Gillingham's game with Sheffield United at home got moved to the Sunday due to Sky TV moving our fixture, so luckily that gave me a free Saturday. So, after looking at the fixtures, the only ground of the 92 I hadn't done was Newport as the only League One ground I hadn't done was Bolton, but I'm doing that one in December anyway with Gills, and the only home ground in League Two playing that day was Newport. So after looking at train prices, they weren't bad prices, so I quickly booked trains and was ready to go to Newport. So, the day came, and I left home at 9, and got into London just before 10. I was scheduled to leave at dead on 11 but after miscommunication problems, the train got cancelled and left half an hour later instead which made me miss my connecting train at Bath Spa, but luckily I had a back up plan if the worse came to the worse, so in the end I was now scheduled to arrive into Newport at half 2. After getting into Bath just after 1, I left Bath just after half 1, and due to the train being as slow as anything on the way to Newport, I eventually got into Newport at 2.45pm. Quickly rushed to the ground and just made kick off with a few minutes to spare. Anyway the game kicked off in horrendous weather, raining constantly non stop. After a while, the ball did stop traveling at times on the Newport side of the pitch, and I did start to worry about it being abandoned, but Barnet did take the lead through John Akinde pretty much straight from kick off. After that, Newport did press on and had a few occasions where they did look like from scoring but wasn't to be. Anyway half time blew, and it did continue to rain. Eventually the players came out, and the Barnet players were saying it's been called off which did quite annoy me after travelling all this way to see 45 minutes of football, but can understand. It was unplayable and safety for the players does come first, but just a bit annoying but hey ho, shit happens, life goes on. Anyway, after only seeing a 45 minute game, I'm not counting it as another ground of the 92, so I'm guessing in some ways, it was just a flying visit to South Wales? Haha. Anyway after killing a bit of time and having a quick look round Newport, I eventually left just after half 5 and got home after 9pm. Sad to say, Rodney Parade isn't a ground off the list, but I'm sure eventually in my life time, I will be coming back to Newport once again.

When I thought of the name Rodney Parade, there could only be one man which reminded me and of course, Rodney Trotter from Only Fools and Horses. Oh and seeing Rodney's face there pretty summed up my day in Newport on my first visit.

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