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Ricoh Arena - Coventry City

Coventry City - Ricoh Arena

Coventry City Football Club
Ricoh Arena
Phoenix Way


VISIT 1: Coventry City 1-0 Gillingham 5/9/14
VISIT 2: Coventry City 4-1 Gillingham 21/11/15
VISIT 3: Coventry City 2-1 Gillingham 18/2/17

I have been to the Ricoh on a couple of occasions with Gillingham now, the first of which was Coventry's first game back at The Ricoh after leaving for a season due to rental issues with the club whilst playing at Northampton Town's Sixfields. I remember watching Sky Sports News just before they announced the move back and when I heard, I was delighted with the news as from what I saw, it looked like a fantastic stadium to go to, and a new ground of the list as well. Then I heard it got moved to a Friday night with the game being put live on Sky, but luckily I got the day off work so booked on the coach and went to the game. For the game itself, I thought we were very unlucky not to have got anything out of the game but was pleased on how we played, just unfortunate a former Gills loan player got the winner for Coventry, but hey ho.


Coventry City 2-1 Gillingham
Saturday 18th February 2017
League One

Well where do I start? Another shambolic performance once again by Gillingham which sums up our season. Heading into this game, we hadn't won since December which was against Milton Keynes at home and Coventry who are bottom haven't won since November in the league which was against Chesterfield. Heading into this game I was feeling a bit confident that we would get a result at Coventry but of course this wasn't the case. But anyway, onto my visit, I left home just before 8am, and got into Coventry by 11. I wanted to get to Coventry a bit early as I wanted to go and visit Highfield Road, the former home of Coventry and take a look round and take some pics. (below)

Highfield Road, former home of Coventry City from 1899-2005.

I thought it was quite nice with the plaque in the picture above, always nice to see former grounds aren't forgotten as the previous grounds that I have visited, some of them don't have anything to remember them which is a shame I think as there is a lot of history that happens. I do hope Priestfield will be remembered if Gillingham ever do leave Priestfield. Anyway, after visiting Highfield Road which was there, I then made my way into town and after putting on some bets and grabbing a bite to eat, I went back to the station. It was either a taxi to the ground or a train as I have heard they only run 1 an hour to The Ricoh with only 1 carriage trains, but thought stuff it I'll chance it. Luckily the train I caught, the 1.42 train was 2 carriages and hardly anyone on it. So I got to The Ricoh just before 2 and went straight into the ground. Again I've already expressed my feelings on the game, shame the football ruined it but was a fairly good day. After the game I did hear something about the first train back into Coventry was 6.28 but after checking the train times on my phone every now and then at the game, luckily the 5.28 was running, so thought instead of forking out for a taxi, got a train back to Coventry and then left just after half 6. Eventually got home just after 9.

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