Sunday, 28 May 2017

Bescot Stadium - Walsall

Walsall - The Bescot Stadium

Walsall Football Club
Bescot Stadium
Bescot Crescent
West Midlands

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VISIT 1: Walsall 1-1 Gillingham 21/4/14
VISIT 2: Walsall 1-1 Gillingham 1/2/15
VISIT 3: Walsall 3-2 Gillingham 31/10/15
VISIT 4: Walsall 1-2 Gillingham 16/11/16

I have been to The Bescot four times now, both 1-1 draws, and a 3-2 defeat with Gillingham. First time I went was on the train, very very easy to get to by train as well, straight train from London to Birmingham and then as Walsall have their own train station called The Bescot Stadium train station as well, at the time it only cost 20 quid return as well so couldn't turn that down at all! Walsall away is quite a good away day I think, a nice little bar inside the ground, easy to get to by train, what more could you want? Only thing that has disappointed me is that usually the away stand is behind the goal, but both times I've been, Walsall have decided to put us on the side of the pitch, so I'm hoping this season as I'm typing, we'll get put behind the goal. It's a nice little ground to go and watch football I reckon, a good away day.

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