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Greenhous Meadow - Shrewsbury Town

Shrewsbury Town - Greenhous Meadow

Last match I went to see: Shrewsbury Town 2-3 Gillingham, Saturday 27th August 2016, League One.


VISIT 1: Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Gillingham 14/1/12
VISIT 2: Shrewsbury Town 2-0 Gillingham 12/10/13
VISIT 3: Shrewsbury Town 2-2 Gillingham 28/11/15
VISIT 4: Shrewsbury Town 2-3 Gillingham 27/8/16

I have been to the Greenhous Meadow three times now. With the Greenhous Meadow, it reminds me of Colchester's ground a little bit, a nice modern little ground practically in the middle of nowhere. I was unfortunate not to go to the old ground but at the time of writing this out, I do plan on visiting where they used to play which is Gay Meadow in November this year (2015) will be interesting to see what's happened to it now since they left their old ground back in 2007.
Since I typed out my last paragraph which was some time ago now, I did visit the Old Gay Meadow in November 2015 before heading off to the game at Shrewsbury with Gillingham. I did look up online to see what's turned into but couldn't really find anything but basically, what is there now at the Old Gay Meadow ground is apartments of flats, but what I was glad to see was that they've called it "The Old Meadow" which was a fitting touch. Didn't help that it wasn't the nicest of days to visit due to weather wise, but was nice to visit. A couple of pics just below are now which was the old Gay Meadow ground.


Shrewsbury Town 2-3 Gillingham
Saturday 27th August 2016
League One

Wow to say the least! Surely has been a crazy week! Anyway, my 4th visit to Shrewsbury came about when I was deciding whether to train it or coach it to the game as I previous went by train last season and it's a bit of a pain to get to by train. After deciding to train it to Scunthorpe the previous weekend, I decided to coach it for Shrewsbury mainly due to it being an absolute pain to get to by train as the train station to the ground is a good 40 minutes walk at least. So anyway, I got up just before 6am and got a lift to Maidstone due to engineering works on the trainline to Strood, plus my dad's a postman so he had to be at work for half 6 anyway. Anyway, I got on the bus at half 6 and decided to get a bus half an hour earlier as I thought the earlier I can get into Gillingham, easier it will be. So I eventually got to Gillingham by bus and train just after half 7, and grabbed a Maccy D's breakfast and killed a bit of time. I left Gillingham at 9 on the coach, after stopping off at 12ish at Norton Canes Services for about half an hour, got to the ground around 1.40pm. Onto the game itself, it was quite a weird game. 1st half we didn't really turn up, Shrewsbury took their 1st goal well from Louis Dodds, and then scored their 2nd goal 13 minutes later with poor defending in the box to make it 2-0. After that, our current loan defender Josh Pask from West Ham picked up an injury and came off for Bradley Dack, who completely changed the game. So half time, and we head into the break 2-0 down at Shrewsbury, at the time thinking another rubbish away day at Shrewsbury, as I haven't seen us win there at all since I've been supporting Gills. Anyway 2nd half commenced and after pressing Shrewsbury, we eventually pulled 1 back from Jay Emmanuel-Thomas with a great header. But then it erupted, Gillingham got the equaliser from a great run by JET, and from 30 yards out, Emmanuel-Thomas smashes the ball into the roof of the net to make it 2-2. It even erupted even more. Our winner came from a corner, a scramble in the box and Max Ehmer putting it in the net with literally the last kick of the game. Our first win in Shrewsbury and at the new ground as well since 1996. A great day and a great week for the club. Still buzzing for Spurs away in the Cup. Up the Gills!

My visit to the old Gay Meadow ground, the former home of Shrewsbury Town.


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