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Kassam Stadium - Oxford United

Oxford United - Kassam Stadium

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Kassam Stadium
Grenoble Road

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Last match I went to see: Oxford United 1-0 Gillingham, Tuesday 22nd November 2016, League One.


VISIT 1: Oxford United 0-1 Gillingham 20/11/10
VISIT 2: Oxford United 0-0 Gillingham 14/4/12
VISIT 3: Oxford United 0-0 Gillingham 6/10/12
VISIT 4: Oxford United 1-0 Gillingham 22/11/16

I have been to the Kassam Stadium 3 times now with Gillingham, twice ending up 0-0 draws and a 1-0 win. The most memorable day at Oxford was the first time I went, when we won 1-0, not because we won, but it felt like we won the cup that day, as that was our first away win in so many away games as the season before, we didn't win a single away win on the road and ended up getting relegated on the last day of the season at Wycombe, so the first time I did go to Oxford, was certainly a memorable day. I do enjoy visiting the Kassam, only thing that ruins it is that there isn't a stand behind the goal, which would make the ground better, but it's a nice ground I think. By the ground there is a few shops and a bowling alley from what I remember, but likewise, I've enjoyed visits to the Kassam.


Oxford United 1-0 Gillingham
Tuesday 22nd November 2016
League One

I was quite looking forward to my 4th visit to The Kassam, first visit back in 4 years and always got fond memories of The Kassam, especially my first visit which will live long in the memory of most Gills fans I'm sure. As my dad wasn't able to make it due to work commitments, my girlfriend mentioned on coming with me, I immediately responded you must be bloody mad considering it was getting colder but anyway yes, we left home around lunchtime and got the train to Gillingham to catch the coach. After grabbing some lunch at McDonalds, we left Priestfield at 3 and had a half an hour stop at Beaconsfield Services which I thought was a lot better than the services we stopped off at the previous week whilst en route to Brackley. Spoilt the choice, McDonalds, Nandos, even a Wetherspoons. But decided to be boring and stick with McDonalds (yes again haha) anyway, got back on the coach and eventually arrived to the ground just after 6pm. Was thinking of having a quick game of bowling as Hollywood Bowl is by the ground but decided against it as I didn't really have much money left on me at the time so decided to play Cards on the coach to kill a bit of time. Anyway, onto the game itself, it was a weird game really. Neither side looked great, Oxford had chances but so did we, probably a 0-0 draw would have been fairer but wasn't to be. To sum it up, 1st half you could watch the game. 2nd half, you couldn't watch the game due to massive fog. Did make me smile when we were singing "Can't see the ball" "Can see the ball" "We've lost the ball" "We've got the ball" at times haha. Anyway, we lost 1-0 which was a shame really and eventually got through my front door at 2am due to some road works but was a fairly knackering night.

A foggy Kassam Stadium.

Can just see myself at a foggy Kassam Stadium.

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