Sunday, 28 May 2017

St Andrews - Birmingham City

Birmingham City - St Andrew's

Birmingham City Football Club
St Andrew's
Cattell Road
B9 4RL

Last match I went to see: Birmingham City 2-0 Gillingham, Tuesday 25th August 2015, League Cup.


VISIT 1: Birmingham City 2-0 Gillingham 25/8/15


Birmingham City 2-0 Gillingham
Tuesday 25th August 2015
Carling Cup 2nd Round

I have only visited St Andrew's the once which was this season as of writing, and it was pure luck I got to tick the ground off as Gillingham got through to the 2nd round of the Capital One Cup after beating Plymouth, so watched the draw live on TV, wasn't overally happy with the draw itself due to us potentially getting a Premier League tie away as we got drawn the away side, but none the less still happy with Birmingham away as of course another ground off the list. Set off from Gillingham on the coach about half 2, quick stop on the way at the services and got to the ground around quarter to 7. I do believe that Birmingham the place itself is listed as one of the worst places to live in, and you could probably agree, that's no disrespect to any Birmingham fans at all. Anyway onto the game itself, probably unlucky to lose on the night, but Birmingham took their goals well and were a very good side so half expected to lose anyway due to Birmingham being a division higher than us. Was a bit frustrating as we had won on the night we would have been going back to Birmingham again for Villa away, but never mind. Overall, was a good night though, glad to have ticked both Birmingham grounds off the list now!

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