Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Maidstone Road Sports Ground - Chatham Town

Maidstone Road Sports Ground - Chatham Town

Chatham Town Football Club
Maidstone Road Sports Ground
Maidstone Road

Last match I went to see: Chatham Town 0-12 Gillingham XI, Tuesday 18th July 2017, Pre-Season Friendly.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wembley Stadium - England

England - Wembley Stadium

Last match I went to see: Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 CSKA Moscow, Wednesday 7th December 2016, UEFA Champions League.

I have been to Wembley on a number of occasions now, to watch England and even Gillingham as well in the League Two Play Off Final back in 2009. I was last at Wembley back in January of 2016, doing a tour of Wembley as I had been meaning to do a tour of Wembley so I did that before I headed off to Barnet to tick off another ground of the 92 which was only 10 minutes away on the tube. What can I say about Wembley? Everyone dreams about going to Wembley, whether it's the Play Offs, The FA Cup Final or even so, The Community Shield. The best day of my life was back in 2009 watching Gillingham play at Wembley for the first time since I've been supporting them, such a perfect day. Left home on the train, got into London, then onto a tube full of Gills fans, just perfect. And even more perfect, a last minute winner to get promotion to League One, beautiful! Anyway, I unfortunately didn't get to go to the old Wembley (pics below but aren't mine, so but credit to those etc) my Dad luckily got to go to the old Wembley to watch Gillingham play Wigan in the Division 2 Play Off Final (League One) back in 2000, just before the Old Wembley got demolished. I have that game on DVD along with Wembley 09 and it looks incredible. Of course, for me Wembley is the best ground I have ever been to, it's every boy's dream to go to Wembley isn't it?!

The best day of my life supporting Gillingham after beating Shrewsbury Town in the 2009 Play Off Final. (Apologies for the camera quality as it was taken on my old phone)

Millennium Stadium - Wales

Wales - Millennium Stadium

Last match I went to see:

I haven't been to the Millennium Stadium for a game itself, the only time I have been was for a tour. It was pretty much a spur of a moment thing as I had planned to go and watch Spurs vs Swansea at White Hart Lane the day after Swindon away as a birthday present for my mate, so decided to go to Swindon away as it was a Tuesday night and stay over the night back in March 2015. We noticed as well from Swindon to Cardiff by train only took an hour so thought stuff it why not go to Wales for the day, do a tour of the Millennium Stadium and also do a tour of Cardiff City's ground (which luckily we could do and for free as well so can't complain) as both grounds are relatively close to one another (as you can see in the picture below, also not my picture by the way.) I really did enjoy visiting Cardiff, was a really nice city. I may well have to do a re-visit to Wales at some point in the future as we wasn't there for very long do may well have to make a weekend of it or something. Also, The Millennium Stadium was the home of the FA Cup Final, League Cup Final, Football League Trophy Final, The Play Offs and The Community Shield from 2001 to 2007, the last competitive game out of those which was the Football League Trophy which saw Doncaster Rovers beat Bristol Rovers 3-2 after extra time. Also whilst typing as well, The Millennium Stadium has been chosen to host the 2017 Champions League Final.

Both Cardiff City's Cardiff City Stadium and The Millennium Stadium in the distance from the air.

Myself with the Gareth Bale shirt on the tour, had to be done!

Ninian Park - Cardiff City

Cardiff City - Ninian Park


Sadly I never visited Ninian Park when it existed as a football ground, but my only visit to Ninian Park is what is there now. I went there back in March of 2015 when I stayed over the night in Swindon with my mate for Swindon away with Gillingham. Before we stayed over, we noticed that Cardiff was only an hour away on the train, so the night after Swindon away, decided to make a day of it in Wales, do a tour of the Millennium Stadium and then head off to Cardiff. Luckily we got a free tour of Cardiff City's current ground now, the Cardiff City Stadium, and of course the new ground is pretty much across the street to where Ninian Park is/was. Ninian Park was built in 1910 and the club stayed there until 2009. The last ever game at Ninian Park was a 3-0 defeat for the Bluebirds against Ipswich Town which actually saw Roy Keane win his first match in charge of Ipswich at the time. The last ever player to score there in a Cardiff City shirt was scored by none other than Ross McCormack, in which it finished 3-1 to Cardiff against Burnley.

All the pictures above of Ninian Park aren't mine, so copyright to those that took them pictures. Some great pictures of Ninian Park though.


When I did visit Ninian Park back in March of 2015, I didn't take many photos at the time, but basically what is there now is housing. So here are my 2 pics of what is Ninian Park now;