100 Football Grounds Club: Groundhopper Shaun says on his blog about his to do list, matches he has attended in the past, his A-Z matchday index and even his programme gallery as well. Well worth a visit to his page!

Modus Hopper Random: If you like looking at another Groundhopping sites, then be sure to visit Groundhopper Graham's website as well, starting all the way back in 1971, way before I was born! Certainly well worth of a visit, be sure to visit Graham's page!

Up for the Cup!: Groundhopper Paul likes to do something different than just groundhopping at grounds, he goes groundhopping at FA Cup games, especially the qualifying and early rounds of the FA Cup, The FA Cup is still magical surely? He doesn't support a football club, he supports a competition. Certainly would a read, so be sure to visit his page!

Groundhopping the Globe: From England, The Netherlands, Germany and even in North America for not even football, the Aldershot Town trio love to tour the globe particularly Ice Hockey, Baseball and even other sports other than football. Certainly worth a recommend!

Football Ground Guide: The main useful website on checking other teams information, best place to eat, nearest train station and loads more right from the Premier League to the Conference South. Also includes previous grounds as well, very useful!

Cumbrian Groundhopper: Starting back way in 1987, Cumbrian Groundhopper and Carlisle United fan Geoff tells us all his groundhopping trips, a very useful website and an interesting read. Why not click on it and have a read?

The 92: A great website for sharing all your experiences whilst going to grounds currently in the 92. Why not share your experiences by rating the grounds you've been, what the atmosphere is like and even read up what other fans get up to? Give this one a click, why not?!

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